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RExergy envisages to serve the society through sustainably engineered solutions. We do consultations in the areas of biomass, Solar PV, Solar thermal and Green building to cater to the various requirements. Our product line of biomass combustion system is scalable, which makes it suitable for domestic, commercial cooking systems and for process heat requirement of small and medium scale industries.

About Us

Our solutions are based on the 4P philosophy


RExergy aims to contribute to the well-being of the society. We design our product as humanistic / client centered and is focused on improvement of livelihood and living standards


RExergy cares for Environment. We believe in indigenous
systems that can ensure efficient resource utilization
upholding global sustainability


RExergy assures Profit. We offer solutions that requires minimal capital investment and provide savings on operational and environmental cost


RExergy thrives on Performance. We provide state of the art technologies backed up by extensive research and
tailor-made solutions.

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Research & Consulting Services

Research & Consulting Services



Registered Office

Khasra No.23/3, 1st Floor Railway station Road
Someypur North Delhi-110042


Mob : 9446992479, 9873860453
Email :

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