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Clean Combustion

RExergy works extensively on clean
combustion systems to provide clean, efficient and economically viable solutions to our clients. We are incorporating our research and knowledge according to your requirements to conceive, design
and manufacture products and
services. RExergy is a one-stop-
solution for your combustion
system requirements.

Fruits and vegetables
drying solutions

RExergy helps you to design and build
biomass based systems for fruits,
vegetable, herbs and spices drying.
Consult us to get in-depth insights
on drying systems.

Cloth drying solutions

RExergy guides you to design biomass
based cloth drying systems for both
domestic and industrial uses.

Municipal solidwaste solutions

RExergy provides solutions for handling
MSW. Our green technology is capable
of converting combustible part of
MSW to value added solid fuel.
Solutions are tailor -made to handle
the waste at source itself which makes
it suitable for auditoriums, office
complexes and other institutions.

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Research & Consulting Services

Research & Consulting Services



Registered Office

Khasra No.23/3, 1st Floor Railway station Road
Someypur North Delhi-110042


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